Knitting 911: Fixing Mistakes

A mistake can derail your whole project, but we all make them.

Fixing them is easier than it looks. We’ll show you how.

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We all make mistakes. It’s ok, we’re only human. But rather than crying over spilled yarn and starting over on your project, we can help you fix your mistakes. It’s kind of like in Back to the Future when Marty goes back in time and screws up his parents meeting and has to set them up again so he doesn’t fade into oblivion. Only your hands won’t start disappearing if you don’t fix your project in time . . . we think.

A lot of the mistakes you’ll encounter in knitting are pretty easy to fix once you learn how.

We at the Yarn Craft Academy are gonna help you get back to the future! er, knitting! instead of wallowing in despair at another frogged project.

In this online video class, knitting instructor Johnny Vasquez will take you through some of the most common knitting mistakes, how to identify the problem, how to fix it, and even how to prevent some of them. By the end of this class you’l have the confidence to laugh in the face of error and keep on knittin’ on!


What You’ll Learn In This Class

  • How to fix all kinds of dropped stitches
  • How to read your knitting
  • How to unknit and untwist your stitches
  • and much, much more


Skills You Should Know Before Taking this Class

  • How to knit the knit stitch
  • How to knit the purl stitch
  • How to cast on

Course Curriculum

Fixing A Tight Cast On: Casting On Over Two Needles 00:00:00
Fixing A Tight Cast On: Bigger Needle 00:00:00
Fixing A Tight Cast On: Different Cast On 00:00:00
Fixing A Tight Cast On: Using Proper Tension 00:00:00
Fixing A Tight Cast On: Cast On Method Comparison 00:00:00
Unknitting: Knit Stitch 00:00:00
Unknitting: Purl Stitch 00:00:00
Unknitting: K2tog Decrease 00:00:00
Unknitting: Slip Knit Pass Decrease 00:00:00
Unknitting: Slip Slip Knit Decrease 00:00:00
Unknitting: Knit Front and Back Increase 00:00:00
Unknitting: Yarn Over 00:00:00
Picking Up Dropped Stitches: Knit Stitch 00:00:00
Picking Up Dropped Stitches: Purl Stitch 00:00:00
Untwisting Stitches: Knit Stitch 00:00:00
Untwisting Stitches: Purl Stitch 00:00:00
Unraveling Your Work 00:00:00
Using a Lifeline (Knitting 911) 00:00:00
Placing Stitches on Your Needle 00:00:00
Knitting the Wrong Direction 00:00:00
Accidental Yarn Overs 00:00:00
Yarn on Wrong Side 00:00:00
Twisting Purl Stitches 00:00:00
Binding Off 1 00:00:00
Final Thoughts (Knitting911) 00:00:00

Our Guarantee

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  • Watch classes anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited Access FOR-E-VER

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